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Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women – LWHS Native Student Leaders Video

KANG TV Staff May 24, 2023

May 5th was Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Day. Lake Washington High School's Native Student Leaders Group put together a powerful video spotlighting the search for missing, and investigations into...

KSPNs Bianca Fina & Chloe Iracheta

Employed by KSPN

KANG TV Staff May 9, 2023

One of the most popular recurring segments on KANG TV News’ weekly broadcast are ones such as KSPN, the sports content providers. In the past, sports content on the broadcast had simply been telling...

Face 2 Face: Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

KANG TV Staff May 4, 2023

KANG TV's Face 2 Face team sat down with Yogi Kate Mensah to discuss the physical and mental health benefits of yoga. Yogi Kate has been offering yoga sessions during ROO time. We'll update this...

The Pouch: Black Female Figures

Katie Davis, The Pouch May 1, 2023

Amanda Gorman Amanda Gorman, born March 7th, 1988, is an American activist and the first National Youth Poet Laureate known for her works that address black identity, climate change, and feminism....

The Pouch: Good News

Gabrielle Heuer, The Pouch May 1, 2023

- The hole in the ozone layer is healing! Formerly a complete climate disaster, it’s expected to be fully restored by 2060, thanks to international cooperation to stop using certain harmful chemicals. -...

The Pouch: Fêtes en France et Au Canada : A Holiday Interview

Sophia Mattie, The Pouch May 1, 2023

For our November/December publication, I sat down with my French teacher, Madame Kern, to discuss holidays in France and Canada. Q: What are the traditions of Noël (Christmas)? A: Very similar to...

The Pouch: Are College Counselors Worth It?

Lexie Root, President of The Pouch May 1, 2023

It’s that time of year again when seniors are sleep deprived, stressed, and scrambling to get in their college applications. On top of regular schoolwork, they are carrying the pressures of applying...

Michael Pettigrew / Adobe Stock

The Pouch: Holiday Foods that are Toxic for Your Pet

Eunjae Jeon, The Pouch May 1, 2023

As the holidays approach and homes are suffused with the scent of spices and baked goods, curious pets sometimes spot toxic foods in the kitchen and accidentally ingest them. Most pet owners know about...

The Pouch: The Dark History of the Sanderson Sisters

The Pouch: The Dark History of the Sanderson Sisters

Lexie Root, President of The Pouch May 1, 2023

Many know the Sanderson Sisters as the three comical yet powerful witches - with an immense craving for children’s souls - from the classic film Hocus Pocus. While the sisters are portrayed as magical...

The Pouch: Class Pet Spotlight: Al Pal

The Pouch: Class Pet Spotlight: Al Pal

Eunjae Jeon, The Pouch May 1, 2023

Class Pet Spotlight: Al Pal By Eunjae Jeon Al Pal (whose aliases include Almond, Alfred, and Albert) is a small Russian tortoise that lives in the Urban Agriculture classroom. In his spare time, he...

The Pouch: October’s Bite-Sized Digest

Abby Hebert, The Pouch May 1, 2023

October’s Bite-Sized Digest Abby Hebert I – Snatch your candy fast… Halloween activities, such as trick-or-treating, dramatically decreased during COVID-19. Fortunately, comfort levels with...

New Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Bamlett – Spanish

Alexander Glidden, KANG TV Correspondent April 24, 2023

Here at LWHS, we have many teachers who joined this year, who haven’t had time to introduce themselves to the school. So, we are continuing our work on interviewing new teachers to get their voice and...

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