The Pouch: October’s Bite-Sized Digest

Abby Hebert, The Pouch

October’s Bite-Sized Digest
Abby Hebert

I – Snatch your candy fast…
Halloween activities, such as trick-or-treating, dramatically decreased during COVID-19. Fortunately, comfort levels with gatherings are rising, and trick-or-treating is back. With the increased number of children planning to run around in costume this year, the demand for Halloween candy is expected to boom. Things aren’t all treats for candy companies, though. Hershey, a popular chocolate company, disclosed earlier this year that they most likely won’t be able to manufacture enough candy – seasonal or otherwise – to keep up with demand, due to supply chain issues. In addition, the company reported that they have chosen not to prioritize the manufacturing of holiday candies this year, in an effort to maintain their daily stock. Good luck nabbing your candy before it’s gone!
II – Spooky Stays
This year, homeowners are getting creative with spooky vacation homes. Two chilling choices can be found on Airbnb and Vacasa, each having held a sweepstakes earlier this month to find out which lucky party would win a cheap $20-$30/night stay in the immersive, Halloweeny environment. Be sure to give these stays a google:
1. Portland Ghostbusters Firehouse
Vacasa boasts a newly opening stay in an entirely immersive reproduction of the Ghostbusters firehouse (though in Portland, rather than New York). Complete with working Proton Packs, Ghost Traps, an Aura Video-Analyzer, and more, this stay is sure to be an adventurous one!
2. The ‘Hocus Pocus’ Cottage
A reproduction of the Sanderson sisters’ cottage, complete with shelves of potions, a broiling cauldron, and the famed ancient spellbook can now be found in the woods of Massachusetts, near Salem. Candle-lit, with the chill of magic in the air, a stay in this cottage is surely one to remember.
III – Skelly’s Story
It was mid-2020. A world-wide pandemic had reached the United States earlier that year. Things were looking quite bleak for society. Then, a miracle struck: Home Depot’s décor department had a brilliant idea.
When Halloween enthusiasts first laid their eyes on the new 12-foot skeleton, they knew he was the one. Affectionately dubbed “Skelly” by the community, this towering pile of bones sold out far before Halloween arrived… and continued to sell out in the years following. For only $300 and an hour of setup (according to the Home Depot website), Skelly’s light-up eyes and towering figure could enhance any display… if you can get your hands on him, that is.
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