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KSPNs Bianca Fina & Chloe Iracheta

KSPN’s Bianca Fina & Chloe Iracheta


One of the most popular recurring segments on KANG TV News’ weekly broadcast are ones such as KSPN, the sports content providers. In the past, sports content on the broadcast had simply been telling the viewers results of past games and the upcoming sports schedules. This year, two members of Lake Washington High School’s senior class took a new approach to sports coverage.

Seniors Bianca Fina and Chloe Iracheta have an interesting story about joining the class. Bianca says that she “was put in the class at random.” She did not plan to stay in the class because she did not know anyone, that was until she convinced Chloe to switch in.

“I remember seeing Chloe in the hallway and asking her to switch in. I remembered her talking about how she wanted to pursue filmmaking in the future and thought she would find an interest in the class,” Bianca says.

After Chloe switched from Spanish 3 to Broadcast Communications, their roles in KSPN took off.

Chloe recalls the day she and Bianca signed up for KSPN.

“Drew was in the front of the room assigning committees. I had not signed up for anything because nothing stood out to me. Mrs. Ring told the class that nobody had signed up for sports yet. Bianca looked at me and said, ‘Should we, do it?’ and that’s how it all started.”

Bianca and Chloe were not close with each other at this point. One English class in Junior Year reminded them of their existence since elementary school. Now, you will never see one without the other.

Between the two seniors, Chloe had the most knowledge about sports. Her favorite sports to watch are NHL Hockey and Major League Baseball. Bianca’s minimal knowledge of sports comes from watching Sunday Night Football with her dad and the hockey romance books she reads. KSPN content has become a community-building committee. The vision for KSPN this year is to get to know our student-athletes, not just announce scores and achievements. Not only on the broadcast but on social media, Chloe and Bianca push out videos multiple times a week, logging a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer work each week.

Content creation is not as glamorous as one may think, though. Being women covering sports in a school that puts its male athletes on pedestals is challenging. Chloe and Bianca often were not taken seriously by the athletes they were trying to work with. It was not just emails sent and not responded to but also firsthand insults by athletes.

“We have had our content be called sh*t and stupid. People do not realize that this is free content we are willing to make. When a sports team or group asks for free content while also refusing to acknowledge us, we decline,” Bianca adds.

Content creation is all fun and games until their motives are questioned. People have questioned if they are spending so much time with athletes to flirt with them or create a bond.

“It is such an embedded sexist belief that that is my aim. I enjoy sports, I’ve grown up around sports, I have valuable things to add and bring,” Chloe says.

Producing content that makes people laugh makes it worthwhile to the girls. Their hard work and dedication have made KSPN a fan favorite among the viewers. Chloe expresses that her favorite part of content producing is “that feeling you have when you have a good content plan and idea, and you’re running around hitting record, mic-ing up people, checking everything, and then getting to sit back and watch it come to fruition.”

The two seniors find spring sports season to be bittersweet. Chloe and Bianca know their time with KANG TV News is ending. In the fall of 2023, Chloe will be in Colorado pursuing her passion for content creation and sports, starting her journey in sports journalism. Bianca will be at Western Washington University studying visual journalism, determined to be a newscaster one day. Their future endeavors will be accredited to the mentors and peers that helped them along the way. Bianca and Chloe would not have realized their excitement for journalism if it were not for Mrs. Ring’s Broadcast Communications class.