The Pouch: Good News

Gabrielle Heuer, The Pouch

– The hole in the ozone layer is healing! Formerly a complete climate disaster, it’s
expected to be fully restored by 2060, thanks to international cooperation to stop
using certain harmful chemicals.

– The LW community banded together last week to donate over fifty bags of
clothing, supplies, and food for homeless teens in Seattle! Members from DECA,
National Honor Society, and Key Club participated. If you missed it and still want
to contribute, check out YouthCare Seattle.

– Washington, the so-called ‘Evergreen state’, has been hit hard by deforestation
in recent decades, but Hillary Franz, our Public Lands Commissioner, has an
aggressive plan to bring the trees back with state funding and a new
conservation corps. You can be part of this effort! Green Kirkland Partnership
hosts weekly tree planting events in our area.

– There are only two weeks until Winter Break!

Compiled stories from UNEC and the Tacoma News Tribune